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drivers evaluation program (SAAQ)


In accordance with articles outlined in the Highway Safety Code, individuals found guilty of impaired driving or drivers who suffer from an alcohol and/or drug problem, or abuse prescription medication, must meet certain requirements to obtain a new licence or to maintain the right to drive. These drivers must provide the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) with an evaluation report demonstrating that there is no incompatibility between their behavior with respect to alcohol and drug use and the safe operation of a motor vehicle. The report required by the SAAQ must be provided by a certified evaluator of the Association des centres de réadaptation en dependence du Québec (ACRDQ).


1. Referral by the SAAQ
You have received from the SAAQ a letter informing you that you have to undergo the evaluation outlined by the Highway Safety Code. Carefully read this letter because it contains the following information: your file number (driver’s licence number), the conditions and steps required to regain your licence, the cost and estimated length of the evaluation process. A registration form to the evaluation is also included that provides additional information on the type of evaluation you must undergo. It is important to keep these documents.

2. Registration with the ACRDQ
You have two possibilities to register with the ACRDQ: either by mail or by our online payment service. In the first case you can fill out the registration form or use the on-line form and send it to the ACRDQ along with your payment, which must be made either by certified cheque, postal money-order or bank money-order made out to the order of the ACRDQ. If you choose to sign up through our online payment service, you can make your payment by credit card (MasterCard or Visa only) to complete your registration. Please note that the price shown is in Canadian dollars. Upon receipt of the payment, the ACRDQ will forward your file to a certified evaluator within your region who will then proceed with the evaluation.
For all questions regarding «Registration and payment», we invite you to refer to this document.

3. Scheduling an appointment
Once the required documentation for your evaluation has been received, the evaluator will call you to schedule a meeting. Depending on the type of evaluation asked by the SAAQ, one or more meetings may be required to complete the data.

4. The Evaluation
There are different types of evaluation: the letter you received from the SAAQ indicated which is required of you. In all cases, the evaluation process starts only once you have sent in full payment and, depending on the type of evaluation required, can last from one (1) to nine (9) months. The evaluator collects the necessary information to complete the evaluation. The evaluation establishes the compatibility between your alcohol and drug use and the safe operation of a motor vehicle. Once the evaluation process is completed, the results will be sent to you via regular mail by the ACRDQ.

5. Forwarding the results
Once the ACRDQ receives your completed evaluation, it ensures that everything is in order and sends the final report to the SAAQ. The ACRDQ also sends you a copy of the final report. First-time offenders whose final report shows there are few risks of recidivism receive a letter bearing the official seal of the ACRDQ. This official letter must be handed in at a SAAQ service centre at the end of your sanction. SAAQ does not accept a copy of this letter. Therefore, you must keep it safely until the end of your sanction.

6. The decision
The SAAQ, and only the SAAQ, determines if you can obtain your driver's licence or maintain the right to drive. To render its decision, it takes into consideration your evaluation report, your driver's file and your health status. In some instances, the SAAQ may require a complementary evaluation. The SAAQ informs you of its decision in writing.

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